About Us

SOMTU Vmag is a video magazine initiated by Tribhuvan University’s School of Management Scholars that serves as a unique and creative platform to showcase diverse content related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, expert opinion, and writing articles on current issues. It is published on YouTube and the website every month. This video magazine provides access to information on on-campus activities and events, allowing stakeholders from all walks of life to keep informed and engaged with the country’s top management school.

Students will be encouraged to regularly upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay relevant in today’s changing business climate by concentrating on the topic of learning and relearning, while also acquiring practical information and insights from industry professionals. Moreover, we will include the success stories of graduates from the School of Management in order to motivate current students and provide them with guidance and insight into the actual world of business, which will have a good influence on the student’s personal and professional growth. This video magazine was created by SOMTU students to provide practical experience as well as to achieve the larger goal of SOMTU which is supported by the fraternity of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.

Overall, the SOMTU video magazine is a useful resource for students, professors, and industry experts alike, offering a unique perspective on the newest business trends and concerns, and this project is sure to inspire and engage the future generation of business leaders.


  1. To provide a platform to flourish students’ talent digitally.
  2. To learn the organizational culture within the university.